Updated July 9th, 2017
Please read all the PDF File links below to see Donald J Trumps Full portfolio and world finances...
this is the shit everyone has been looking for and I got it all right here.



Another victory for Donald J. Trump



In a federal court decision the Trump Organization won the case I had against him for trying to steal this domain name away from me.
Well Mr. Trump, it looks like you saved a whole Dollar and five minutes with me shaking my hand.
I guess you are happy that you gave your attorneys many thousands of dollars instead of helping a nonprofit organization such as mine
The Council for Native American Indian Progress Inc.
Another jab at a true Native American from someone I once looked up to and admired for his business empire success.
It is a sad thing that our country only has two choices for a president that the media will give any attention too.
It is even sadder that all the media is bias and in favor of keeping the American people in check.
We are a slave society and we are all denied the luxuries of a self sustainable and eco friendly economy.
Not one presidential candidate has mentioned in all the GOP Debates anything about what kind of job creation they will provide except Trump and
the only ones that will get any work are the Mexicans building his wall and the prison sector that is always growing.
We Americans need to be able to buy back our country and we need to repeal the federal laws based around industrial hemp and follow the rest of the civilized world in the industrial hemp revolution. Right now over 30+ countries around the world have implemented industrial hemp and over 50,000 products can be made from industrial hemp.


Tell me why it's illegal?


  I wish one day we can all live in a utopian society, It is true, This is heaven! Why can't everyone enjoy it?  

Listen to this New York Daily News Telephone interview with Scott Allen Meek Stephens about the federal court decision over the domain name TrumpEstates.com .
I offered the domain name to Mr. Trump several times over the past 6 years for a dollar and a handshake but the media and the trump organization keep lying and printing and saying
I was holding the domain name hostage to be on his TV show the apprentice. Everything the news publishes is a lie.


Below is the article they wrote after my telephone interview and they just plain lied.


  In this list of records and filings in federal court and with WIPO is a ton of information about Donald J Trumps net and gross
worth and value and all of his trademarks and business dealings around the world. AND all of this because he refused to shake my hand and give me a dollar for a lousy domain name.
What a great guy!!!

  1 - COMPLAINT - Stephens v. Trump Organization LLC, et al. pdf  
  5 - Notice of Appearance by M. Maron pdf  
  6 - pre-motion conf request pdf  
  20 - Motion to Dismiss pdf  
  20-1 Cert of Service pdf  
  21 - Memo in Support pdf  
  22 Affidavit in Support pdf  
  22-1 Exhibit 1 pdf  
  22-2 Exhibit 2 pdf  
  22-3 Exhibit 3 pdf  
  23 Memo in Opposition pdf  
  24 Reply in Support pdf  
  24-1 Cert of Service pdf  
  25 - EXHIBIT submitted to replace Ex. 2 pdf  
  27 - Judgment pdf  
  Complainant Supplemental Filing pdf  
  d2015-0478_eudrp17compnot_1-eng pdf  
  Decision D2015-0478 word doc  
  Decision D2015-0478 pdf  
  Decision D2015-0478-signed  
  Exhibit A - COMPLAINT - Stephens v. Trump Organization LLC, et al. pdf  
  Maron ltr[1] 05-08-2015_signed pdf  
  NOTICE OF LITIGATION - Trump v. Stephens - No. D2015-0478 pdf  
  Stephens v. Trump, et al. - COMPLAINT doc  
  Stephens v. Trump, et al. - COMPLAINT pdf  
  Trump v. Scott - RESPONSE pdf  
  TrumpEstates.com2.25.15 pdf  
  WIPO decision email 05-15-2015 pdf  



Check out the news articles about Donald J. Trump / the Trump Organization and Scott Stephens

Then later they put me at the end of this article.

Then they lied and said I wanted to be on his show the apprentice, You couldn't pay me enough to go on
national television and have this guy fire me in front of millions. The NY Post did not do their research and listen to my side of the story
then they printed that Donald J. Won this domain name you are looking at now.

Just look up " TrumpEstates.com news "on any search engine and see how many news articles that have been published over this!
Yet the major news agencies and network televison stations won't even give this story 10 seconds of attention.

You would think that if a presidential candidate is suing another presidential candidate in federal court, would'nt that be somewhat newsworthy?

The offer for this site was made to Donald Trump 3 times over a course of several years for a Dollar and Handshake but
I guess Mr. Trump is affraid that if I got 30 seconds on national television I could win the presidency with a landslide of support
from the American People and the respect of the world.

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